Stealing Acts.... [Quest]

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Stealing Acts.... [Quest] Empty Stealing Acts.... [Quest]

Post by Etsuo on Fri Oct 30, 2015 12:32 am

Yukitsu found himself taking part in wandering and learning all of the new locations that were within this town that he had only recently started coming to himself. It was only a matter of time though, as the only floor that everyone had access to at the moment was of course, the first one, but eventually, they would find themselves ascending higher and higher into the upper floors. It was during these moments of exploration, that Yukitsu came across a concerned town's person, that seemed like he was seeking an adventurer like himself. He introduced himself as Thomas, a villager in this town, that had concerns about this town, in particular, it was about a certain thief that was going around, and of course stealing of some sort.

After coming to understanding the situation and received the best information about the thief that he could from Thomas, he would tell him that he would try to take care of this thief and put his worries to rest. Thomas would go on to thank him for hearing out his request, and so Yukitsu would set out, trying to search out this petty bandit. Sadly, he did not have a name to go off of, so all that he would have to go off of, was the description that Thomas had given him to go off of. It wasn't until Yukitsu was on the outskirts of towns that he was starting to find more and more people, wandering around that fit the description, but none of them were acting suspicious, after all, he needed to find the one that was "the thief." . It wasn't too long until he found a man dressed exactly like the description was found trying to pickpocket people that passed him by, very few seemed to notice him among the npcs.

As he tried to pass by Yukitsu, he would find his sneaky hand slapped away by his rapier, and find that his risky action lead him to where he was now. It was swift as Yukitsu could of been, as he struck down the bandit, with his rapier. Afterwards, he would receive the rewards of the quest that he had taken, it seemed that everything had worked out quite well.

Quest Completed 376/310

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