Swiper no swiping (Quest)

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Swiper no swiping (Quest) Empty Swiper no swiping (Quest)

Post by Trever on Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:11 pm

Tyson had entered Tolbana village again. He did some nice training with Yukitsu and got some good experience. He even helped him level up. Now Tyson needed to try and level up too. He could not get left behind in this game. He wanted to be there in the front of the ranks and help with every boss. He wanted to be one of the strongest in the game. So to rise up he needed to level up and get stronger. Tyson walked around Tolbana village until he saw a man who looked in distress. Tyson approached the man. "Are you ok, you look worried," he asked the NPC. The man seemed to talk back with a response. "Well, not really. See there is a bandit going around stealing from us in the village. We need someone who can stop him. Would you be able to do this?" the man asked Tyson. "Sure, doesn't sound that hard. Does he have a spot he normally steals from," Tyson asked. The man nodded his head and pointed Tyson in that direction. Tyson walked over to that area and waited in the shadows of a near by building. If the bandit was going to strike, he would do it when a person would be alone. Tyson waited until he felt something against his throat. "Now, give me all your col and nobody gets hurt ok," the man said. Tyson had to guess that it was the bandit. "Well, I've gotten into a pickle," Tyson said, acting innocent. Tyson knew what to do. He was strong enough that when he jabbed his elbow back into the bandit it seemed to knock him out and defeat him. "Wow, I didn't think I was that strong," Tyson had said. With the bandit defeated it seemed Tyson automatically got his reward. He wondered if some type of authority would come grab that bandit, or would he be reset for the next person to take the quest.


Damage done 108/30 needed


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