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Quest Idea? Empty Quest Idea?

Post by Etsuo on Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:46 pm

ame: The Shadow's Watchdogs
Level: Requires 2 Participants, minimum level 4
Location: Floor 1
Rewards: 25 exp and 250 col to each participant

>Enter the forest during the nighttime.
>Find an injured warrior against a large oak tree
>Defend the Warrior as Thieves strike at you
>Help the Man up after victory.


Name: Ezekiel
Description: Very worried, warns you to the threat, that there are people targeting him. He is wounded and against the tree.

He Makes no Attacks, has lightweight armor on and 60 hp
Role: Protected Interest/Quest Giver


Name: Thieves x3
Description: They are dressed in pure black, blending well into the night, if one weren't aware that they could be around, they hold curved swords at their sides.
All three of them have:
Damage: 30
HP: 60
Speed: 10 m/s

The last one standing, will flee using an unknown skill, instead of attacking, the round his comrades fall.

Role: Assassins/Aggressors

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Quest Idea? Empty Re: Quest Idea?

Post by Kerii on Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:05 pm

Please put this in the correct code

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