'Helping a blacksmith (Quest)

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'Helping a blacksmith (Quest) Empty 'Helping a blacksmith (Quest)

Post by Trever on Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:23 pm

Tyson was at Harunka village again. It seemed he was going around to a lot of the towns on floor one trying to get stronger. He wanted to get stronger to be able to take on the floor boss and advance to the next floor. Tyson wanted to know what else awaited them on higher up floors. He wanted to see what he could do in this game but if they were stuck on floor one the whole time, then nothing would change. He knew the higher up they went they more experience he could get and the stronger he would become. Tyson looked around the village and heard a smashing of metal. It seemed the blacksmith was at work. He was pounding away on metal, making something. Tyson approached it to watch. The blacksmith seemed to notice him and stopped his work to talk to Tyson. "Hi, can you help me with something? There is a black gem in a cave near by. I need someone to fetch it for me. I would myself but I have work to do," he said. "Sure, don't sound to hard," Tyson replied. So Tyson soon set off towards the cave. When Tyson finally found it he looked inside. The cave wasn't that big, and when he looked he saw something shiny in there. He wondered if it was the diamond. So he walked in and a goblin came out of nowhere it seemed. "Well I guess it wasn't going to be that easy," he said, drawing his sword. Tyson readied himself. He faced his opponent and dashed towards it, hitting it, which killed in instantly. "Well, that was easy," he said, grabbing the gem. After that he set off back towards the village. When Tyson arrived again he found the blacksmith working. He waited until the blacksmith could take a break. "Here, you go. Wasn't to hard," Tyson said. It seemed that completed the quest for him, since he was then rewarded. "Wonder what else I can do around here," he said.



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