I can be strong (Quest)

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I can be strong (Quest) Empty I can be strong (Quest)

Post by Trever on Sat Nov 07, 2015 2:03 pm

Tyson was really happy. He had just recently completed a quest that let him level up. Tyson figured he was being weird in the game of Sword Art though. Normally players would party up and tackle quests together, but Tyson was running around doing them by himself. The thing was that other players, at least right now, more slowed him down. It would of been nice to go around with others, but for right now he didn't care. Maybe on the higher floors he would be able to do that. Tyson again walked around Tolbana Town. He looked over and noticed that he could see that tower that would let them reach the boss. He wondered if any team has attempted the boss yet. He hoped not, he wanted to be one of the first and hoped for the boss drop that it gave. That would mean he would need the last hit, but with his strength he was sure he could get it. Tyson looked around and noticed a guy that was just hanging out. He looked like he was trying to bring people over, so Tyson decided to check him out. Tyson approached him and he seemed to notice him. "Hello traveler. I am looking for someone strong. If you can prove that I will reward you. There is a orc in the nearby forest. Kill him and bring me his drop," the man said. Tyson thought it could be easy enough. He wasn't sure how strong the orc was, but it was worth a shot. "Sure, sounds easy enough. I'll be right back," Tyson said, leaving the town and going for the forest. Tyson walked around the forest, finding weaker monsters, and to get the quest over with, more dodging them. He walked until he finally found the orc. The orc was about his height, and cared a two handed axe. "Well I shouldn't get hit by that," Tyson said. He drew his sword and dashed at the orc. Tyson wore light armor to keep his speed up so he reached the orc pretty nicely and cleanly hit it. It seemed he was strong enough to kill it in one hit. He checked the drop and noticed its weapon. "Well, lets go turn this in," he said, leaving the area. Tyson returned to the town and found the man. "Here, it dropped this weapon," Tyson said. Billy rewarded him and Tyson left.


Damage done = 7 x (2 x 13) 182 + 18 from weapon = 200
Orc health 0/70


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