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Post by Kerii on Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:58 pm

Geography: Unlike the higher floors of Aincrad, the 1st Floor does not have a particular theme or dominant geography. As the starting location of all new players, the great expanse of the 1st Floor is quite diverse.

The Starting City is located on the southern end of the floor and rests over the edge of the floating castle. The metropolis has a diameter of approximately 1km and is the focal point of the floor, featuring the teleport gate in the central plaza. The city wall forms a semi-circle to the north.

Grasslands surround the Starting City, and they are populated primarily by boar and wolf-type monsters. Worms, beetles, and wasp-type insect monsters also inhabit the grasslands surrounding the Starting City.

To the northwest of the Starting City, there is a deep forest region. The northeast is a lake region. Players must pass through either of the two regions before reaching a significantly more dangerous mountainous region containing ruins, valleys, and more difficult monsters.

The 1st Floor Labyrinth is located on the far northern edge of the floor. It begins at part of a large 300 meter wide by 100 meter tall tower that is a portion of the dungeon that leads to the 2nd Floor. This Labyrinth has twenty floors before the boss room on the 20th floor of the Labyrinth.


«Starting City»
«Tolbana Town»
«Horunka Village»


  • Easy Monster
    • Frenzy Boar
      • Health - 50
      • Damage - 10
      • Speed - 5 m/s
      • Size - 1m x 2ft

  • Medium Monsters
    • Dire Wolf
      • Health - 100
      • Damage - 25
      • Speed - 10 m/s
      • Size - 2m x 1m

  • Hard Monster
    • Little Nepent
      • Health - 200
      • Damage - 50
      • Speed - 10 m/s
      • Size - 0.5m x 2m


  • Frenzy Boar
    • 1-100 • 1 exp

  • Dire Wolf
    • 1-100 • 5 exp

  • Little Nepent
    • 1-100 • 10 exp


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