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Post by Ryuu on Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:06 am

W.I.P Coolte10

IRL Name: Reji Kikon
IGN: Renji
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: April 9 2019
Level: 1
Likes: Combat: Reji enjoys the thrill of combat. Reji is open to taking on any challenge big or small. He tends to get a little wild although a battle could be so good he ends up hyper focusing.
        Trolling: Reji does enjoy the occasional troll once every now and then, whether it be PK or simply stealing other's people kills. Although he wouldn't take to far all the time. The only time he won't back is with people the same level as him or higher.

      Music: Reji absolutely loves singing in general.Blessed with a great voice himself you can find him singing all of his favorite songs all the time. Reji is also well versed in multiple instruments.

Dislikes: Weak People: Reji can't stand people who won't stick up for themselves or are indecisive. They piss him of because why would you allow yourself to be walked on.
                      Axes: Reji favorite weapon happens to be a axe. Not to mention when he was young a favorite cousin of his was murdered by someone with a axe. He finds them to be tasteless and unfit for good combat.
                       Beans: Reji was forced to eat beans at a very young age after every time he would throw up later on. Reji knew the whole time it was the beans but being little had no say and was continued to be forced eating them.
Fears: Loss of Voice: Reji fears most living a life where he can not sing. That would be a living hell on earth for him to not enjoy what does the most with everything he does.
               Death: Like any other human being ridden with fear Reji fears death as well. Although that is because for in death no longer would he get to experience the  joys of music. No longer being to express himself nor feeling it enter his very being and pump him up.

Personality: Reji is typically energetic person who is still surprisingly easy to talk to.At heart he doesn't troll unless he were to be part of dark guild. For that would be the whole purpose. Reji is someone who loves to express himself with music as he has a great voice and loves to sing. He is kind and generous person willing to help out almost anyone if they need it. Besides all of that Reji also loves to play combat games and loves the thrill of it while listening to certain songs to pump him up. Reji can also get pissed of easily over different things at times as well and is sneaky and cleaver.

W.I.P Coolte11

Hair: Short red curved hair that goes down near his lips in the front and gets shorter towards the back.
Eyes: Has large blue eyes that sharp on the sides.
Height: 5'9 ft
Weight: 145 pounds

Appearance: Reji has silky smooth  caucasian skin. He has thin red eyebrows and sharp jaw. His pretty fit and thus has defined muscles which easily show plus a six pack.Reji tends to wear a black hoodie with yellow strings and white rose design on the back. He wears a green undershirt under the hoodie and khaki pants with tennis shoes.

W.I.P Coolte12

History: Reiji was born in to a regular family. At a young age Reji had a immense love for music. All he ever did was sing or
Face Claim: Rendered by Rkyra Mine

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Post by Kerii on Thu Oct 22, 2015 4:14 pm

You have until November 1st to complete this application until it's archived.

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Post by Kerii on Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:15 pm


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