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Post by Trever on Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:19 pm

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Trever (Done) Coolte10

IRL Name: Trever
IGN: Tyson
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: February 19
Level: 1

Likes:His friends : He holds his friends really close. Believe that if he puts his time into they, then they should stay friends.
Knowledge: He likes getting smarter. He also believes that knowledge is power and he would like to be the strongest in the room.
Relaxing: He likes to relax from time to time, not doing anything.
Dislikes: Being Late: Trever likes to be on time or early for this and doesn't really understand how others could be late.
Losing: Trever is really competitive when it comes to games or even fights. Losing is not an option for him.
Friends hurting: If Trever sees his friends hurting, he likes to comfort this. It makes him unease when they are.
Fears: Being Alone: Trever can make it hard to learn about him, but he still does not want to be alone. He likes to be around others if he can
Being Left Behind: Trever wants to be able to progress in the game, he fears that if he can't be on at times, he will be left behind by others.

Personality: Trever is a pretty calm dude. He likes to relax at lot if he can, but he does take games very seriously. He will want to get pretty far in it, and doesn't really care for the people that say "Its just a game". He figures that if he is going to put time into it, then they should be serious. Other than that he relaxing is nice to him and he will sometimes take time to mess around in the game. Trever is also a pretty smart guy. He likes to use that to his advantage and think of ways to get around things, or defeat monsters. He is also pretty loyal to those he calls his friends, and will try to help them when he can.

Trever (Done) Coolte11

Hair: His hair is short, spikey, and pinkish
Eyes: Not really to big, but his eyes are green
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 160 pounds
Appearance: Trever is a well built guy. He is at a medium tall height, mostly taller than a lot of his friends but not to tall to be called a giant. He can eat a lot of food but somehow never gains weight, this puts him in about a skinny size. He doesn't really work out or anything but somehow manages to gain some muscle and is somehow stronger than those of his own age who also do not work out. He like to wear a black jacket with just a casual set of pants and shirt. He doesn't always have a preference to the color of the shirt or pants, mostly grabbing whatever he sees first out of his clean clothes.

Trever (Done) Coolte12

[left]History: Trever started playing games a very young age. When he played he always want to try and beat it, or beat others that he was playing again. This mostly started to make him really competitive. He has two brothers that he played games with a lot. Trever could pick up a game and learn how to play it pretty fast, but it seemed his older brother could do it aswell. This made Trever always want to beat him. When he plays a game he takes it very seriously do to this nature.

When Trever heard of a new mastered Sword Art game, he got very excited. He immediately applied to the beta to test it and with luck, he got in. For the moment he had just finished high school and wouldn't be doing college, so he knew he had a bunch of free time. He would want to spend a lot of time in the game. Trever lives with his grandma who does want him to get a job, but for the moment his mind in on playing the game
Special Characteristics: Not really
Face Claim: Natsu Dragnell- Fairy Tail

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Post by Trever on Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:09 pm

Bump and this is Trever from FTRP

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Post by Kerii on Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:23 pm


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