Trever Character sheet

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Trever Character sheet

Post by Trever on Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:14 am


Tyson (SAO)


Beginner's 1 Handed Straight Sword
Beginner's Lightweight armor


Dexterity  (+1)
Strength (+6)
Constitution (+1)


1 handed sword (12)
Lightweight armor (2)


Simple Strike:

Simple Strike - Your sword's blade is surrounded in a blue aura and you thrust forwards at a fast speed to deal damage.

Damage - For every point you have in simple strike, it adds 1 more point of damage to the original 15 points of damage this skill does
Speed - For every point you have in simple strike, it adds 0.1 m/s to the original 10 m/s strike speed
Grade - 1

Minor Burn

Ability Name: Minor Burn - The blade of your sword will emit a dim red light and heat will be felt from it. This allows the blade of your sword to deal some extra damage and to cause minor (1st degree) burns.

Damage - 1 point in Minor Burn equates to 1 extra damage able to be dealt with your sword
Duration - 5 points in Minor Burn equates to 1 extra posts this effect lasts. This already lasts for two posts but can be deactivated at any time.
Cooldown - 5 posts
Grade - 1

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