4. Armors & Weapons Regulations

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4. Armors & Weapons Regulations Empty 4. Armors & Weapons Regulations

Post by Kerii on Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:11 pm

In the world of SAO. There are two types of weapons one can use. One handed Weapons and two handed weapons.


One handed weapons, as the name implies only use one of the user's hands. This can be a very efficient way of fighting as one handed weapons are usually lighter giving the user an easier time to wielder the weapon. Furthermore with only using a one handed weapon and nothing else the user is not obstructed in any way during a fight. However with a one handed weapon the user may also equip a small shield for protection in case the user is too open with using a single one handed weapon. The user is also able to use small weapons such as throwing knives, ect with one handed weapons . Upon later stages of the game and with incredible stats and patience the user may also dual wield any two one handed weapons as their choice. There are a few one handed weapons that are available from the beginning of the game, which include:

One handed swords: These are the most balanced form of fighting with a one handed weapon. Their durability, attack and speed are all average with none really exceeding the other except in some cases. This weapon is capable of dealing slashing piron and blunt damage. Better for all around players

One handed Axes: The strongest of the one handed weapons. This type of weapon. Deals the most damage and has a high durability, however this weapon is slower the the other one handed weapons. If you are not cut down first and this weapon hits it can almost guarantee a win. This weapon can deal slashing and blunt damage. Better for tanks.

One handed Rapiers: A special class of weapon that is exclusive to the one handed style of fighting. This weapon is one of the weakest around and durability is mediocre also, but it's speed almost can not be touched by any other weapon among the one handed or two handed weapons. This weapon would be more suited for assassins or faster players who wish to deal as many hits as they can for their team to help. This weapon can do slashing and piercing damage

One handed Lance. This is also another balanced weapon that an all around player would be best suited for. This weapon too has decent stats with a slight edge towards attack and less durability. This weapon is good for those who wish to deal more damage for an average speed. Good for all around players. This weapon is capable of dealing slashing and piercing damage.d blunt damage. Better for all around players

One handed Maces: Also one of the more stronger weapons in Sao. This weapon has the highest durability and decent attack but being quite slow. This weapon is capible of dealing blunt damage only but being able to do a good bit of damage. This weapon is better for ta ks as this weapon can survive the longest in fights.


Although most weapons are the same kind of weapon for two handed weapons, two handed weapons are generally much much slower but make up with it because of their sheer power and durability. There are some skills which allow you to use two handed weapons with one hand which can be very be efficient. Two handed weapons also can not use any other weapon or shield along with them unless there is a skill, being used. This includes shields or any throwing weapon. Most of the tworld handed weapons are bigger and stronger verions of the one handed weapons, although there are some special casses. Now on to the types of weapons!

Two handed Battle Axe: One of the strongest weapon types this weapon is capible of dealing immense damage but as slightly less durability then other two handed weapons and some one handed weapons. On the plus side this weapon is one of the fastest two handed weapons with a decent durability which would suit almost any type of fighter. This weapon would be able to deal slashing and blunt damage.

Bow and Arrows: One of the more unique weapons this takes two hands to use. This would be used for more support mages in the back lime to deal additional damage. This weapon can fire arrows like bullets but the best thing is there are no limits to the amount of Arrows you have to fire. Because of this damage done by arrows are extremely weak and can be easily broken but can be fired at great speeds. Basic arrows are only able to deal piercing damage. Other arrows may be purchased to deal a variety of damage.

Ball and chain: another quite unique weapon associated with two handed weapons. To hold this weapon you would need your two hands on the chain. This weapon has a high durability and a strong damage output but is quite slow. It is able to provide some advantage from being able to throw the ball at a distance however that depends on the size of the chain. Furthermore the great the distance the slower the weapon will travel. An additonal trate with this wepain is the ability to tie up foes if the chain is long enough. This weapon may only do blunt damage.

Claws/Knuckles: These weapons are fitted in the user's hands. They pack quite a punch dealing decent damage and can move as fast as the user can and cannot be broken, but also cannot defend against attacks. This weapon is very useful as it can deal multiple blows quickly, the downside is the people would have to stay at point blank rage which is very dangerous. Would be best suited for tanks. This weapon can do blunt or piercing or even slashing damage depends on the type of claw/knuckle equipped.

All other weapons listed in the one handed section are all able to be two handed weapons also with the exception of rapiers. In addition all of them are much slower as a two handed weapon but are stringer and have more durability.

Weapon Specifics

Note: The speed is calculated in m/s

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4. Armors & Weapons Regulations Empty Re: 4. Armors & Weapons Regulations

Post by Kerii on Wed Oct 14, 2015 8:27 pm


There are 3 different types of armors on SAO: Recoded. Lightwight (LA), Average Weight (AA), and Heavyweight (HA). There are upsides and downsides to each type of armor. Basically, the heavier the armor, the more well protected you are and the slower your are. The reduced speed is calculated after all the skills, stats, and any other perks you may have are added to your base movement speed.

Lightweight Armor - Least durable, 25% reduced damage (25% to armor and 75% to character) and movement speed

Average Weight Armor - Average durability, 50% reduced damage (50% to armor and 50% to character) and movement speed

Heavyweight Armor - Most durable, 75% reduced damage (75% to armor and 25% to character) and movement speed

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