Watching a shop (Quest)

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Watching a shop (Quest) Empty Watching a shop (Quest)

Post by Trever on Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:05 pm

Tyson made it to a new town. It seemed like a nice place to. It wasn't to big or to small. He looked around and noticed that he there still wasn't a lot of others. It seemed he was getting used to the game faster than anyone else right now. Tyson looked around for something to do around here. He wondered if there would be a quest for him to do. He wondered if it would require him to kill anything, or would it be just another easy quest. Doing an easy quest wasn't bad, it basically was free exp for him. He saw a small shop that seemed to have something to it. He walked over to it and entered it. A lady saw him entered and said to him. "Hello young traveler, would you help me with something. I have business to attend to, so I need someone to watch my shop tomorrow, will you do it?" She asked. Tyson knew that he could be training right now, but knew it wouldn't hurt. "Sure, I guess," he replied. "Great, meet me here in the morning," she said. Tyson then left to return tomorrow.

Tyson returned the next day. The shop owner seemed really happy about this. She told Tyson as to what he should do for the shop and soon left him the key. "Well, lets get this over with," he said. Tyson soon opened the shop and did as he was instructed. It seemed pretty easy, so he wasn't really tired by the end of the day. The shop owner seemed to return and Tyson showed her what he did. "Thank you so much, here is your reward,"
she said, giving Tyson his reward.



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