Learning how to fight (Quest)

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Learning how to fight (Quest) Empty Learning how to fight (Quest)

Post by Trever on Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:17 pm

Tyson had gone back to the starter town. He wondered if there were any other clues as to how to get stronger. Maybe more quests, or someone to really teach him how to fight. He was pretty strong already he guessed, but that wouldn't fully help him now. He needed to learn like how to parry and do other things. Tyson looked around and saw a flier that teaches new members how to fight. He wondered what he could learn from it, so he went to the destination. Tyson looked around and saw other players learning to fight. Well at least they were getting ahead of the game too. Tyson looked around and saw an open person who looked like the rest. He knew that it must be an NPC then. So Tyson approached him. "Hey, I'm here to learn how to fight," he said. The man nodded towards him. "Good, you might survive longer in here if you do," the man said. The man then started to talk. He talked about how to do basic fights in the game. Tyson knew a good amount of that from experience already. He talked about the different weapons one can use in the game. Tyson didn't see some of those in the shops when he bought his sword, he wondered if he could switch to one later. He also talked about being able to fight with just your fists. Tyson wondered how strong and skilled you would have to be to do that. Next the instructor taught Tyson some techniques. Tyson felt weird trying them in here, since he never really did them outside of the game. He practiced a bunch of different ones and got better with each. Once the instructor taught that he was good to go, he gave him a reward for doing the quest and let him leave.



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