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Post by Etsuo on Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:35 am

Etsuo Yukimura Yuuki.Makoto.(PERSONA.3).full.502472

Etsuo Yukimura Coolte10

IRL Name: Etsuo Yukimura
IGN: Yukitsu
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: July 21st
Level: 1


Speed/ Etsuo prefers speed over strenght, when it comes to this game. He has a natural draw to it, prefer it over the other, in real life, it probably connects to the fact that he does running and track over other sports.

Inner Strength(Will)/ Etsuo can often come to judge people based on their will, what drives them forward in their life. It is something that he takes seriously when it comes to situations and challenges.

Summer/ It happens to be his favorite season in the year, with it being arm, sunny, and so many things that can be done. However, his natural draw to games is what has brought him indoors often, and on to SAO: Recoded. His birthday, also happens to be in the summer, of course.

Gaming/ With him, having to constantly move after their home burned down, Etsuo easily became wrapped up in gming, and it would take a place within a good portion of his life. His interest in gaming is what has brought him to explore SAO: Recoded.

Warm/ Etsuo has an obvious draw to kind acts, he does them for many reasons, but he always like to be looking out for someone else out there. It is also, a warm and kind personality that can draw Etsuo in, that can easily make someone become his friend.

People/ Etsuo likes to at the very least know that people are among the world around him, with joining a game like this, he knows that he will be amongst a number of people, but while within the game this won't be so evident, when he goes adventuring on his own.


Defense/ Etsuo dislikes defensive strategies, while he will attempt to be protective of others, having armour, or a shield just isn't anything within the style that he wants to pursue. He will learn very well how to preform with the rapier as best as he can, until something tells him otherwise, to do such.

Cowardice/ Etsuo dislikes those that give up or run away from a challenge, this means personally, when faced with a challenge, he himself will try to give his all to prevent him from facing his own discretion of a coward.

Winter/ Etsuo dislikes this season with a passion, it could also be connected with the fact that the season that the fire took place on was this one. It is also the direct opposite of summer of course.

Cold/ Etsuo dislikes cold people and also so happens to try and avoid such people, or else various problems between him and them could very likely occur.


Destruction/ Etsuo fears the destruction of many things, it is something that is someone natural, however, it can be assumed that this was triggered and intensified by the fires that shattered his old home. Etsuo comes to dislike the destruction or lost of things both physically, and metaphysically.

Isolation/ Etsuo fears physical isolation, if he can't escape it, he would like start to freak out. This could very likely occur in a dungeon, or otherwise in SAO: Recoded. As his teammates slowly dwindle from death out of the dungeon, he would likely become more and more reckless, along with becoming more and more likely to run into trouble himself. If he should be shunned by a group that he has come to have known very well, he will probably try by many means to gain back the acceptance of said group.

Personality: Etsuo is a very unqiue individual that takes the concepts of hot and cold very seriously, he is also known to be a very fast paced person, over a slow or cautious one. He is an individual that values friendship, being kind, and together. While on the other hand, he is also an individual that dislikes those that are very cold to others and don't face their challenges or struggles to the best of their ability. With knowing this, he innately likes the season of summer and places that can remind him of such, while the opposite can be said of winter. Due to the fires, that Etsuo had to deal with extremely early in his life, he has come to fear the destruction of things, as came evident with a home being burned down. Being supported and helped by his family through the experience along the way, he has come to also fear isolation, this is what makes up the person known as Etsuo Yukimura.

Etsuo Yukimura Coolte11

Hair: Blue, Longish
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10
Weight: 147 lbs.

Appearance: Etsuo Yukimura (Yukitsu), is a boy that stands with a tall and slender figure, in terms of noticeable features, one can note that his eyes and hair are the same color, blue. His pale skin, suggests that he is someone that rarely sees the sun, going well with his other color. In terms of what Yukitsu wears, he would appear to be wearing a basic set of light amour that is common among the new players of this game. In addition the clothing that he would be wearing underneath is a light orange color. If Etsuo made a real life appearence, one could note that he wears a shirt with a similar colour at times or it is white. In additions, Etsuo can typically be found wearing either jeans during the colder days, or shorts during the hotter days.

Etsuo Yukimura Coolte12


The Beginning/ Etsuo Yukimura was born on July 21st, the first, and currently one of three children that his parents had. They wouldn't come until years after him, however. In that time, Etsuo had a very peaceful childhood, at least as peaceful as a small child's childhood could get, until an event that shifted everything. It was a day that would leave an impact him and his family for the rest of their lives, his siblings weren't quite born yet, at the time, Etsuo was only 4 years old. It was the fact that a fire would go on to consume their neighborhood, and the worst part was that it consumed every part of their home. The good news, was that they got out of it safely, but they lost pretty much everything that was within said home. In addition, within a few months time, Etsuo's mother would be giving birth to another child.

Aftermath of Fire/ A lot of things, came in to place, but there were quite a few things that were not expected. The first thing was the evident fact that they had lost everything, and in such, they lost there place to stay for the time being. This in turn, had various effects of course on the Young Etsuo, he suffered learning the destructive abilities of fire, along with the isolation that came with the uncertainty of friendships that came with them, constantly moving around. Second, he learned to grow closer to his family, and the little siblings that he would soon have under him. Third, Etsuo was however, much more understanding of fire, he didn't fear everything about it, but the wake of destruction that it could bring from it's creation.

The Game/ Finally, was the final thing that Etsuo could connect to while, they were moving around, all over the place, finding a home, and proper schools and jobs for everyone. Eventually he would come across the game, Sword Art Online: Recoded, he decided to check it out.

What is to come....
No one quite knew.

Special Characteristics: Nothing extra spectacular that can be noted on his avatar, this would be deemed as "special"
Face Claim: Makoto Yuuki (Minato Arisato) - Persona 3

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Post by Kerii on Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:16 pm

Personality: You're missing this

Likes, dislikes, fears: Explain these

Weight: Which unit?

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Post by Etsuo on Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:04 pm

Apologizes, I was extremely tired when I thought I "finished" it.

Now it is complete and is properly able to be checked.

All problems have been corrected.

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Post by Kerii on Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:09 pm

Approved, welcome to SAO: Recoded

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