Welcome to the Prologue [Quest]

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Welcome to the Prologue [Quest] Empty Welcome to the Prologue [Quest]

Post by Etsuo on Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:29 pm

It was all just the beginning, it was all such a breeze, it was quite like, what Etsuo expected as the game began, but it wasn't exactly as he pictured it, and that was what made things all the better. Eventually, he was fully loaded into and synced with the world that he now found himself in. It made him ponder and and observe the area that he now found himself in, he appeared to be within a town or city, the place that was probably a starting zone for all of the players that filled him with excitement over the people that he could meet, and the people that were alongside him.

Eventually, he would come back into place of his immediate surroundings, it would appear that he was indeed approached by a man that had brown hair, and brown eyes. It was only a brief moment, that things were starting to take place, and an expression that Etsuo could use was that the gears in this world were quickly turning round and round. "Hello There, your new right, would you like to be shown around?" The man would ask, and Etsuo would take note of something that tipped him off to this being the very first quest that he has come across, this was most likely going to be the simplest. "Sure, I would love to be shown around, I'm Yukitsu." He responded with and waited for the man to show him around all of the important spots that were within this first town. Etsuo reminded himself that he was going to make sure, that if he wasn't one of the first to arrive in a town, that he would get someone to show him around as well.

By the end of it all, Etsuo had done quite a bit of sight-seeing, it was at this point that Etsuo was on the verge of forgetting that this all wasn't even reality, it was always something that never ceased to amaze him. He would go on to thank the man for the time that he took to show him around the town. Afterward, he would wander around the town some more, before he would move on to outside of it, where all the real action took place in this game.

Quest End 386/270

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