Shopkeepers's Troubles (Quest)

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Shopkeepers's Troubles (Quest) Empty Shopkeepers's Troubles (Quest)

Post by Etsuo on Tue Oct 27, 2015 1:55 pm

It wasn't long after the beginning, that Yukitsu, would find himself wandering across another of the towns that happened to be on the first floor. He didn't know what to expect, and also didn't know where anything really was until he was done wandering from place to place, this was something that he felt needed to be done. Not long, after these thoughts though, he got the attention of something else along the way. "Hello you there. You interested in any flowers?" She would ask of him. This would lead Etsuo, to observe all of the pretty flowers that she had within her collection, many of them were quite nice, but none of them were the kind of thing that he really needed or wanted personally at the moment. "I'm sorry, I'm not interested in buying any today, but maybe another day." He would respond and show a nice smile.

This wasn't the end however, as the flower shop owner would explain to him that she needed someone to be able to watch over her shop tomorrow, since she will be out the entire day. It was something that he could certainly do, and so he would go on to accept this task. Then he would be on his way to go elsewhere until he would have to return later to actually complete the task at hand.

Eventually, the next day would come, Etsuo, having learned the way around town, quickly found himself back at the place of interest, the flower shop. The woman, was quite glad to see that he had returned to complete the request that she had given. She would go on to explain all of the things that he would be dealing with as he took care of her shop, and would depart after she felt clearly that the shop was being left in capable hands. It was quite an interesting experience for Yukitsu, as he personally, hadn't done much of business until just now, but he was very much trying to do his best for this shop. He made sure to keep everything in the shop maintained, especially the plants, and went quite a way, to attract customers, the best of his ability, when it came to fellow players or npcs.

Later on, the woman that was in charge of this shop would return to see that Yukitsu had been successful in his tasks and from there he would be on his way.

Quest Completed

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