Training" 101 [Quest]

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Training" 101 [Quest] Empty Training" 101 [Quest]

Post by Etsuo on Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:00 pm

No one could really tell Yukitsu that it wasn't just another wonderful day on the world of SAO: Recoded, very much so because of the task at hand, that he was planning to accomplish with ease, hopefully. In all honesty, he really didn't know what to expect, from the fact that this task was suppose to help in training him in the ways for him to fight in SAO. Today, he found himself, within the Starting City, on the first floor of this game, it reminded him of the long way that they have to go until they reach the end, which so happened to be floor 100. He had taken interest in a flier about training, and in doing such signed up for it, Yukitsu was on his way to meet his new trainer, at least, for the session that is.

Eventually, he would arrive at the spot that would furthermore be known as the training grounds. It was what anyone would expect a training grounds to look like, and it sported quite a number of people around. He would then be approached by someone that appeared to be expecting his arrival on these training grounds, ever so patiently. The man appeared to hold a very large sword, most likely a two handed weapon at appearance. Yukitsu had an understanding of the weapon being a fellow sword user, but he was more preferring of the Rapier, the instructor took note of this as they were starting up. It wasn't longer that he slowly was indeed, getting the hang of things that the man was teaching him, even though he wasn't using the rapier himself. He felt a great deal of gratitude towards the instructor as their blades clashed against each other, the training was something that Yukitsu very much needed in his current state.

When it was all said and done, Yukitsu thanked the instructor for the lessons and would be on his way with the task at hand accomplished. In all honesty, he didn't mind if he planned to come back either, and learn some more.

Quest Completed 353/290

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