Stoping a troll (Quest|Trever)

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Stoping a troll (Quest|Trever) Empty Stoping a troll (Quest|Trever)

Post by Tedashi on Thu Nov 12, 2015 12:26 am


Name: Catch the player
Level: 6
Location: Tolbana Town
Rewards: 30 exp | 300 col

Description: Accept the quest in Tolbana village from a sign in the town. It seems a player is going around pking others as they leave town. You need to stop him and bring him in. When he is defeated he will not disappear. After bring him to jail, you will be rewarded.


  • Name: Jailer
  • Description: He is a rough looking man.
  • Role: Watches the jail, turn the player over to him


  • Name: Enemy Player
  • Description: He wears a cape to cover himself up with. He is roughly 6 ft tall.
  • Skills: He has 60 hp and uses a lance. He can deal 50 damage with it and swings at 6m/s. He also can use a sword skill to deal 50 damage.
  • Role: Main enemy. Don't kill him.

After training with Tyson, Tedashi stopped by another town. Tyson said he would catch up and do a Quest or two. "Tolbana town, not as nice as the starting town." Tedashi said to himself. Tyson said to meet him in the center of town. Tedashi thought, as he walked around town. Nothing really stood out in tolbana town, all the shops seemed to have what the starting town had. Tolbana town had a few other shops, but nothing interesting, also had a few vacant player shops. Having my own shop would be cool. Tedashi thought, he continued to walk towards the center of the town.

Once Tedashi got to the center, he would wait for Tyson. once Tyson showed up, Tedashi would greet him. "Hey, Tyson. So now that we are here, what are we gonna do?" Tedashi asked Tyson.

WC: 156 TWC: 156

Stoping a troll (Quest|Trever) 30tjvaf

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Stoping a troll (Quest|Trever) Empty Re: Stoping a troll (Quest|Trever)

Post by Trever on Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:54 pm

Tyson arrived in Tolbana town. He had told Tedashi to come here so they could see if a quest would come up for them to take. It seemed pretty simple to him. He was pretty strong, so if they took a request at his rank, Tedashi should level up some. Tyson needed to help others level up right now, so they could take on the floor boss. He wasn't getting a lot done on this floor, so going to another floor would be nice. Tyson arrived in the center of town where Tedashi was. He seemed to greet him and asked what they were doing. "Were going to find a quest around here and do it, not sure which one I haven't done yet though," he said. Tyson started to look around and saw a sign on a board. It looked like a wanted sign. "Here, this looks pretty easy enough. A guy is going around killing others as they leave town. We need to stop him," Tyson said thinking of a plan. He then had one. "Sorry to do this, but I need you to be bait. We can't draw him out unless he thinks he can beat that person. Since you are only level 1 it should be simple enough. So I need you to leave town and go out by yourself. I'll follow behind. I'll try to get to him before he hits you,"" Tyson said. Hopefully with that Tedashi would listen to his plan. If Tedashi started to leave town, Tyson would watch from a safe distance. He would wait until some guy would try to assault him. Tyson would rush in as fast as he could and hit the guy, knocking his health down a safe distance. Lets tie him up and take him in," Tyson said. Tyson would help pick the guy up and take him to the jail. There they would be rewarded. "Well, that was easy enough right?" Tyson said. "Well see you for right now," he said again, leaving.

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