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The "New World" Empty The "New World"

Post by Rubytuesdeys on Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:11 pm

Sirius had always wondered what all the rage was about for the game called Sword Art Online (SAO). While he enjoyed the casual video game, he had not really delved into the idea of a device that dives you into the game while leaving your body unconscious. He eventually gave into to peer pressure from his friends and bought the equipment and game. Everything connected well and he went in to the game. After he had selected all the necessary things, Orion (his character's name) appears in what seems to be the starting city of the game.
Orion takes a look around. I have to say, this isn't half bad. I can see the appeal to diving into a game like this. Orion walked around trying to figure out how the controls worked and getting used to the settings. Not paying attention, Orion bumped into an old man and apologized to him. He saw that he was an NPC, and decided to ask the old man for help. Sure thing, sonny. I can definitely take you on a trip around the town and explain how the game works, if you've got time. Orion accepted the quest and followed the old man as he showed and explained about the different buildings and things to do in SAO. Soon after, the tour had ended and the old man asked And that's the end of the tour. Any questions? Orion shook his head, and they parted ways. Orion accepted that he had finished the quest and gained a level and some col.


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