Bad Wolf's End [Quest]

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Bad Wolf's End [Quest] Empty Bad Wolf's End [Quest]

Post by Etsuo on Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:58 pm

Yukitsu, was once again, on his way, through one of the first floor's towns, as he was exploring and taking everything that he could in. The place that he seemed to have stumbled upon at the moment was a farm of some sorts, in all honesty, he could see the animals and a old farmer off in the distance. Given that he could see only sheep, he was going to assume that this was a farm for collecting sheep's wool to use for clothing and other things that would need such. Eventually, the old farmer would take notice of the young warrior and motion for him to come over to him, he had a look that gave Yukitsu, sense that the man was planning on giving him a task of some sort or another.

Upon, reaching the old farmer, he would indeed, ask if Yukitsu was willing to do something for him, which Yukitsu would agree to do, he had no problem with it of course. After that, the old man would go on to explain that the farm as being faced with a lone wolf, trying to eat away at his sheep for food. He was being asked to kill off the wolf, to keep that problem from ever happening any time soon, again. He had no issues, so Yukitsu would head out more into the woods after talking with the farmer, some more. It wouldn't be long until after that, he would hear the snarling of a wolf, right before it was right in front of his eyes, ready to pounce upon him.

It was once again, a test of strength and speed, between him and the wolf this time. Sadly, he was extremely fast, and he would go on to slash straight through the wolf, ending it's very fragile life, with a single strike, that was all that it took to finish the task at hand. It didn't even have to tell the farmer that the wolf was dead, it would know in due time of course, when his sheep aren't disappearing or showing up dead. That was all there was to it, all there was.

Quest Completed 345/310

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