Protect the sheep (Quest)

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Protect the sheep (Quest) Empty Protect the sheep (Quest)

Post by Trever on Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:04 pm

Tyson was in Harunka village again. He remembered being here that one time to watch a persons shop. It was a pretty easy job for him. All he had to do was sit there and help costumers. He knew right now that he was level six and was pretty sure he had a good lead on all the other players. The game was in beta but just opened up to the public. Tyson was glad that he got to be in the beta though. They let him keep his stats and experience from it. So right now most of them would still be level one trying to figure out what to do, but if he got lazy they would soon pass him as well. Tyson wandered around the village hoping someone else had a quest for him. Tyson looked around and noticed a farm there. He wondered if they would have anything for him to do. Tyson noticed a farm that looked a little worried. "Hello, anything I can help you with sir?" Tyson would ask the man. The man looked up at him. "Why yes, there has been a wolf running around terrorizing my sheep. I need a strong adventure to deal with him, would you like to do it," the man asked. Tyson thought about it, he had dealt with wolves before that were pretty hard, but he was sure he could handle this one. He did deal with almost two at once before, so it shouldn't be that hard. "Sure, I'll help you with your wolf problem sir," Tyson said to him. The man thanked him and soon left to his business. Tyson waited out by the sheep for this wolf, he didn't know how long it would take to come out though. Tyson was almost tired of waiting when he saw it. The wolf actually seemed weaker than the dire wolves he had fought before. The wolf seemed to noticed Tyson but ran up to it and destroyed it with one hit. After that it seemed he was rewarded automatically for doing the quest instead of talking to the farmer again.



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