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For the Cure (Quest) Empty For the Cure (Quest)

Post by Trever on Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:36 pm

Tyson was walking around Horunka village bored. He needed to find more things to do to level up. He was really close to level 7 and almost any quest would level him. He could also go out and farm, but he didn't feel like it right now. Right now he wanted to see if there was a quest he could do in town. He also needed to work on finding a team to take on floor one boss. He hadn't heard from Yukitsu in a while, so he wondered if he was still leveling as well. He would work on finding a team after getting a level up. With that he would be able to deal more damage and help more with the boss. Tyson walked around the town until he heard some of the NPC's talking. "I heard the elder needs some help from an adventure," Tyson heard one of them say. Tyson knew he should help. Tyson walked around until he found the elders house. He knocked on it and an older man seemed to answer the door. "Hello, I heard you need some help," Tyson said to him. The man nodded his head. "Yes, my grandson is very sick and we need someone to get him a cure. The cure can only be found from a drop off the Neptune Plant. Its a dangerous creature, thats why none of us can do it. He will be found in the forest west of tonw. Will you please help us?" he asked. "Sure, I'll be back in no time. You can tell your grandson that too," Tyson said taking off to the spot. Tyson then traveled over to the forest in which the creature would be found. Tyson forgot to see what it looked like, so he hoped it wouldn't take long to find. As Tyson was walking a vine seemed to shoot out at him. He was barely able to dodge out of the way. When he looked up he saw a blue plant creature. "Well, hopefully your it," Tyson said, running at the plant. With one swipe he was able to take it out. "Well that was pretty easy," he said checking the drops. It seemed the potion was it. Tyson then returned back to the village and to the elder. "Here you go, hope it helps," he said. The elder thanked him and it seemed that completed his quest.


Damage done : 124
Enemy hp : 0/70


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