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Lets get started (Quest) Empty Lets get started (Quest)

Post by Trever on Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:39 am

Trever had set his character up and was ready. He got everything ready, then began. "Link Start," he said, which threw him into the game. It was a little disorienting at first, but he got used to it. When he finally entered the game he looked around, it seemed he was in the starting town. It seemed he was one of the first ones into the game which was a good thing. He wanted to get ahead of the others. He knew he needed to learn the lay out so he looked around and found an NPC who looked like he wanted to be talked to. Tyson walked up to him. "Hi, do you have a quest for me?" Tyson asked the man. The man nodded. "Yes, let me explain how this games works incase you don't know. You are in Sword Art online. For you to clear this game, you have to beat all 100 floors. Each floor gets harder as you progress. This is the starting town. All players begin here. Let me show you around now," the man said. Tyson followed the man around the town. He pointed out inns in which he could have his character stay. He showed Tyson where you could buy weapons and food if needed. He showed him some others shops that looked important. Tyson knew he needed to remember some of this stuff, so that he could visit them. It took a little time to walk around and do all this stuff, but it helped Tyson understand. He was glad that he got to do this. They finally seemed to reach the end of the tour. The man looked back at him. "Well that seems to be it. Do you have any questions?" the man asked. "Not right now, thank you," Tyson said. It seemed that he had completed the quest and got some col and leveled up with the exp he got.



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